Module Units Fabrication

The compact modular units for transferring and processing of fluids are designed for special purposes and have a wide range of uses. They provide easy installation, easy maintenance and take less space. Guray Engineering can produce Modular Units starting from design to delivery.

module units fabrication


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We deliver pipe circuits (spool), which is an important production subject in the production of the leading shipyards and companies in the sector, with an indispensable principle of understanding in the desired quality and conditions.


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We continue to serve the sector without compromising our professionalism by designing the most appropriate solutions of the industry with our experience and expert staff from the past to the present.


Technical Support Support

Our company, whose aim is to contribute to the understanding of advanced shipbuilding and production; While designing the products and services most suitable for the needs of the industry, it also provides the necessary support to its customers in the production and after-sales stages.


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We manufacture special orders according to the needs with the understanding of mass production, and continue to produce solutions for the whole industry in Turkey and abroad, with an understanding of principle that does not compromise on quality.